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Annex - Web Hosting Terms

Annex - Web Hosting terms

You may use up to the maximum space provided with your account any usage over that will be automatically billed to your account or your upload facility suspended.

Commercial use of your Web space is permitted. This means that the company subscribing to our service may use the Web space for it's own use and may *NOT* re-sell, lease or provide this space to any other party either directly or indirectly involved with the subscriber. You may however have 'banner adverts' for other parties on your site for the purposes of basic advertising. Special reseller packages are available for this purpose.

The Conditions of Use for the Standard Dial-Up account relating to disclosure of your passwords apply. Specifically your passwords are your responsibility and must not be disclosed to any third party.

You must maintain an index page called "index.htm", "index.html", "Default.asp" or "Default.htm" in the root directory of your Web space.

You must accept mail to webmaster@yourdomain as a precondition of using the Web service.

No user defined CGIs are permitted for home dial accounts, for business services you may use custom scripts (VB4 .exe's not Perl) and you will be responsible for the correct function of these scripts, any damage caused by the use of unauthorised scripts will be chargeable to the customer. Please note on shared space the installation of .dll files is not allowed.

Support is only available for uploading and downloading pages via our Technical Support section of our web site or email to webmaster@netcentral.co.uk. No support will be given for HTML authoring or page design.

No logs or any detail of who visited your site will be made available unless requested.

You will be responsible for retaining copies of your own data. Internet Central will not keep backups of your pages. You may, however, download your own pages by FTP (using your account host name and password) for backup.

Internet Central accepts no responsibility for loss of data, information in any form or other matters whatsoever which result from the use of this service.

Internet Central accept no responsibility for hit counts being reset or incorrect.

You will be responsible for the content of your Web site, including obtaining the legal permission for any works they include and ensuring that the contents of these pages do not violate English law.

You will be held responsible for and accept responsibility for any defamatory, confidential, secret or other proprietary material available via your Web site.

You must ensure that your (index.htm or index.html) file [the first to be viewed on a site] does not contain any material liable to offend. A clearly readable warning page must be displayed before any adult material is displayed.

Your Web site may not be used to distribute or advertise any of the following: software for sending SPAM (bulk emails, excessive news postings, etc.).

lists of email addresses except where all the addressees have given their explicit permission.

Any collection of personal data other than in accordance with the Data Protection Act and the Data Protection Principles.

You may not advertise your Web site, or cause another person to advertise it, by techniques that would be classified as abuse if they were carried out from a Internet Central Account. This includes, but is not limited to, bulk emailing and excessive news posting. Such action may be treated under the appropriate AUP as if it had been done from the Account, or as a violation of this AUP or both.

Internet Central shall not be held liable for any loss however occasioned as a result of the suspension, removal or unavailability of a customer's Web site or material stored within it.

If you do not keep the index file (index.htm or index.html) in the root directory of your Web space for a period of 6 weeks, your site may be withdrawn and your pages may be deleted.

If your account is barred for any reason (e.g. non-payment) access to your web site may be suspended.

When you close your account, your web site will be deleted.

The limit on space is imposed by the process that accepts uploads. If you attempt to upload a file that exceeds your available free space the upload will normally fail. Should this check not operate for any reason, Internet Central reserve the right to request that you immediately remove enough files to bring you below the limit or pay for the additional space.

Internet Central reserve the right to remove any material from the Web service at their sole discretion, without prior notice and without explanation.

Internet Central reserve the right to suspend any or all of the Web services at any time, without prior notice and without explanation.

Internet Central will require sites that they consider to show excessive use to be modified or be moved to a different server.

Internet Central reserve the right to make a charge for any assessment of suspended sites.

Internet Central reserve the right to vary the definition of 'excessive use' at their sole discretion at any time without prior notice.

Internet Central reserve the right to impose limit's of Bandwidth / Hits to any sites it deems to be excessive usage.

By uploading to the Web Server, you will be deemed to have agreed to and accepted the terms and conditions of use of the Web service.

You must not refer to your pages by any means other than the registered address i.e. www.yourdomain.co.uk/.com nor register your web pages anywhere using any form of URL except in the form beginning http://www.yourdomain.co.uk/.com. Specifically, you must not reference or cause your Web Site to be referenced by dotted IP address (e.g. []). Requests made to your Web Site using dotted IP addresses or alternative names may not work. For Web Sites hosted on our servers which are forwarded from another provider and which we have no control over the Domain Name records we will not be held responsible for the availability or inactivity of those sites.

The IP address that may be allocated to your Web site may be changed or withdrawn at any time without notice. It is intended to withdraw all IP addresses associated with Web Servers as soon as practical.

Internet Central reserve the right to vary the Conditions of Use and acceptable use policy for the Web service at their sole discretion at any time and without prior notice.

Any decision made by Internet Central in relation to this service shall be final.

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