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BT Terminology
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  You may see BT engineers moving "E side" or "D side" connections. Here's a note about them.. E-SIDE (Exchange Side) - Exchange to PCP D-SIDE (Distribution Side) - PCP to Customers PremisesThe "PCP" is the "Primary Connection Point". These are... Read More
Cables and Wiring
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  Cables Cabling RJ45 RJ21 MSAN We use 568B for almost everything ethernet Standard networking connectors for Ethernet connections. Rumor has it that only the “A” standard is accepted for government work and the “B” standard is being... Read More
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Connectors From Internet Central     Fibre Connectors   Copper Ethernet Connectors  RJ45 Plugs and RJ45 Socket / Keystone Jack   Power Connectors Plug - Connector Socket - Inlet IEC-320 Appliance Connectors IEC-60320 electrical appliance... Read More
Wireshark Trace for Fault Finding
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How do I perform a Wireshark trace? If you have been asked to complete a wireshark trace this is because your reported fault needs further inspection from site, these are typically asked for when the report is call quality or transfer difficulties.... Read More
How to flush the DNS Cache on a variety of platforms
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How to flush the DNS Cache     Clear Chrome DNS Cache Chrome has internal DNS Cache, separate to the operating system # Browse to... chrome://net-internals/#dns and click 'Clear host cache'# Browse to... chrome://net-internals/#sockets... Read More
Internet Central DNS Server Settings
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What DNS server settings should I be using? IC provides recursive or caching name servers for you to use. You can use these from any IC supplied connection. (They are for IC customers only, not the world to use)  Location   IPv4 Address   ... Read More
OSPF Routing Cost
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OSPF routing cost - quick overview The ospf routing cost is part of what the OSPF network uses to choose between alternative routes within the network. The higher the routing cost the slower the link Cisco devices can auto set the routing cost -... Read More
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SX uses multimode (grey connector jacks) LX typically uses singlemode (blue connector jacks) for <5km , or multimode (grey connector jacks) <550m   There are two basic fibre families Singlemode (Blue connector jacks ) (SM, OS1.OS2) Sheath... Read More
Speed Testing your connection.
Viewed 3320 times since Mon, Aug 24, 2020
SPEED TESTING In order to make sure we give you the best connectivity, we have put effort into testing connections and looking at methods of testing them.   This article will date as speeds increase but as of 2019 this is how we see it: For FTTC... Read More
Viewed 2900 times since Wed, Aug 2, 2017
DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol   Every device on a TCP/IP network requires a unique IP address to be able to access the network and it's resources. DHCP is how a network device can be given a unique IP address automatically, as long... Read More
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