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You may see BT engineers moving "E side" or "D side" connections. Here's a note about them..

E-SIDE (Exchange Side) - Exchange to PCP D-SIDE (Distribution Side) - PCP to Customers PremisesThe "PCP" is the "Primary Connection Point". These are usually green cabinets that are located at the side of the road. The PCP connects the wires from the customer's home / office to a pair of wires from the exchange.
If the connection is FTTC then the copper cables from the "D Side" connect into a fibre connection going to the exchange, thus making the distance to the exchange shorter. FTTC uses VDSL which uses a larger amount of frequency space than ADSL, 30MHz rather than 1Mhz.
Unfortunately this can mean that there are far more devices in the home that have the potential to interfere with your broadband service (i.e. Microwaves at 2MHz).To get the speed benefits of VDSL, it is expected that the final length of cable from the PCP (Primary Connection Point) and your home, the D-Side Copper, is no more than 4500 ft (1.4Km)
Other BT Acronyms…
  • 21CN BT’s 21st Century Network
  • 3G 3rd Generation
  • AAL5 ATM Adaptation Layer 5 -¬†This most typically encountered as an ADSL thing but if you need to know about it and you don't already then you ¬†have ¬†problems.
  • ACE Automatic Cross-connect Equipment
  • ACGF Access Gateway Control Function
  • ADM Add-drop Multiplexer
  • ADQ Application-Driven Quality of service
  • ADS Access Delivery System
  • ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
  • ADSL2+ Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, version 2+
  • AJB Adaptive Jitter Buffer
  • AP Aggregation Point
  • APH Aggregation Point Handover
  • API Applications Programming Interfaces
  • ARBD Activity Required By Date
  • ASDH2 Access Synchronous Digital Hierarchy, stage 2
  • ASP Application Service Provider
  • ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode
  • AWDM Access Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM)
  • B2B Business to Business
  • BAR Broadband Access Router
  • BAU Business As Usual
  • B2B Business to Business
  • BB Broadband
  • BCM Business Continuity Management
  • BES Backhaul Extension Service
  • BF Border Function
  • BGW Border Gateway
  • BHCA Busy Hour Call Attempt
  • BIP Business Intelligence Platform
  • Bit/s Bits per second (Bandwidth)
  • BNS Backhaul Network Services
  • BRAS Broadband Remote Access Server.
  • BSIA British Security Industry Association
  • BSS Business Support System
  • BWM Bandwidth Manager
  • C2M Concept to Market
  • CAA Civil Aviation Authority
  • CDD Contractual Delivery Date
  • CDR Call Detail Record
  • CE Customer Experience
  • CG Customer Gateway
  • CLI Calling Line Identity
  • CMSAN Copper Multi Service Access Node
  • CMC Customer Management Centre
  • CoS Class of Service
  • COTS Commercial Off-The-Shelf
  • CP Communications Provider
  • CPA Call Party Answer
  • CPE Customer Premises Equipment
  • CPNI Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure
  • CPS Carrier Pre-Select
  • CR Change Request
  • CRD Customer Required Date
  • CRF Customer Requirements Form
  • CS Call Server
  • CSAT Customer Satisfaction
  • CSI Customer-sited Interconnect
  • CSH Customer Sited Handover
  • CSM Customer Service Management
  • CT Cycle Time
  • C-VLAN Customer (inner) Virtual Local Area Network
  • CWDM Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing
  • DA Directory Assistance
  • DACS Digital Access Carrier System
  • DASS Digital Access Signalling System
  • DCN Data Communications Network
  • DDQ Dedicated Downstream QoS (Quality of Service)
  • DISC Digital International Switching Centre
  • DJSU Digital Junction Switching Unit
  • DLE Digital Local Exchange
  • DLTE Digital Local Tandem Exchange
  • DMSU Digital Main Switching Unit
  • DNS Domain Name System/Server
  • DPCN Digital Private Circuit Network
  • DPI Deep Packet Inspection
  • DPNSS Digital Private Networking Signalling System
  • DSL Digital Subscriber Line
  • DSN Derived Services Network
  • DSLAM Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer
  • DSP Deployment Strategy Plan
  • DWDM Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing
  • DWSS Digital Wideband Serving Section
  • DXC Digital Cross-connect
  • E2E End to end
  • E&C Emergency and Critical
  • EA Environment Agency/ Emergency Authority
  • EDC Experience Development Centre
  • EEA Ethernet Edge Aggregation [device]
  • EET Equipment Engaged Tone
  • ELF Early Life Failure
  • EM Element Manager
  • EMP Equivalence Management Platform
  • ENA Energy Networks Association
  • ENUM Electronic Numbering
  • EOI Equivalence of Input
  • EP Extension Path
  • ERT Expected Resolution Time
  • ETMT Enhanced Trial Monitoring Team
  • ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute
  • EU End user
  • EUA End User Access [BT]
  • FCR First Contact Resolution
  • FMSAN Fibre Multi Service Access Node
  • FNET Featurenet
  • FOA First Office Application
  • FR Frame Relay
  • FRIACO Flat Rate Internet Access Call Origination
  • FRR Fast Re-Route
  • FTTC Fibre to the Cabinet
  • FTTP Fibre to the Premises
  • FW Fire Wall
  • GbE Gigabit Ethernet
  • GE Gigabit Ethernet
  • GFP Generic Framing Procedure
  • GR Graceful Restart
  • GTC Generic Test Controller
  • GTPS Government Telephone Preference System
  • GW Gateway
  • HNI Huawei Northern Ireland
  • HSPA High Speed Packet Access
  • HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
  • IBH In-building Handover
  • IC Interconnect
  • ICT Information and Communication Technology
  • IEEE Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers
  • IETF Internet Engineering Task Force
  • IMS IP Multimedia Subsystem
  • IN Intelligent Network
  • INAP Intelligent Network Application Protocol
  • INDB Intelligent Network Database
  • i-Node Intelligence Node
  • IP Internet Protocol
  • IPN Internet Protocol Networks
  • IPv4 Internet Protocol Version 4
  • IPv6 Internet Protocol Version 6
  • IPVPN Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network
  • IPX IP Exchange
  • ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network ¬† This is a digital phone line¬†
  • ISH In Span Handover
  • ISI In Span Interconnect
  • ISP Internet Service Provider
  • ISUP Integrated Services User Part
  • ITE Integrated Transfer Engineering
  • ITU International Telecommunications Union
  • IUP Interconnect User Part
  • IVR Interactive Voice Response
  • KBD Knowledge Based Diagnostics
  • KCI Keeping the Customer Informed
  • KPI Key Performance Indicator
  • L2C Lead to Cash
  • L2TP Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol - ¬†this is used in the provision of the broadband circuits.
  • L3 CAT Layer 3 Catalyst switch (a device for aggregating traffic)
  • LAC L2TP Access Concentrator
  • LAG Link Aggregation
  • LAN Local Area Network
  • LDP Label Distribution Protocol
  • LIP Launch and Integration Process
  • LIU Line Isolation Unit
  • LL Liberal Label
  • LLU Local Loop Unbundling
  • LNS L2tp Network Server- ¬†a router which terminates the broadband connections from customer routers.¬†IC's ¬†LNS devices provide constant quality monitoring of your broadband connections - you don't get that from SKY or BT - you can see the ¬†graphs within the my.ic.uk portal¬†
  • LPA Logical PoP Aggregator (a router that aggregates the traffic from BRASs at a broadband point of presence)
  • LTE Long Term Evolution
  • MAC Medium Access Control
  • MAC Migration Authorisation Code
  • MCC Migration Control Centre
  • MDF Main Distribution Frame
  • MDS Master Deployment Schedule
  • MF Multi-Frequency
  • MGW Media Gateway
  • MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension
  • MISP Mobile Internet Service Provider
  • MM Multimedia
  • MNO Mobile Network Operator
  • MPF Metallic Path Facility
  • MPLS ¬†Multi Protocol Label Switching ¬†but that does not help much really ¬†in understanding. ¬†IC use this to provide super fast private networks for both ourselves and for customers. ¬†IC provides 2 main types of MPLS network. ¬†Layer 2 ¬†(switched) ¬†private point to point ¬†or point to multi-point networks called VPLS ¬† and ¬†Later 3 ¬†(routed) private networks which function like a large single private distributed router.
  • MS Media Server
  • MSA Master Services Agreement
  • MSAD Multi-service Access Device
  • MSAN Multi-Service Access Node
  • MSIL Multi Service Interconnect Link
  • MSIP Multi Services Intranet Platform
  • MTBF Mean Time Between Failure
  • MUX Multiplexer
  • NAL Network Assurance Laboratory
  • NGA Next Generation Access
  • NGN Next Generation Network
  • NGNCC Next Generation Network Call Conveyance
  • NGS Next Generation Switch
  • NICC Network Interoperability Consultative Committee
  • NIPP National Information Publication Principles
  • NISCC National Infrastructure Security Co-ordination Centre
  • NMC Network Management Centre
  • NMS Network Management System / Server
  • NTE Network Termination Equipment
  • OA Operator Assistance
  • OAM Operations Administration and Maintenance
  • OCP Other Communications Provider
  • ODM or ODMF Operational Data Management Framework
  • ONBS Openreach Network Backhaul Service
  • ONES Openreach Network Extension Service
  • OSS Operational Support System
  • OTD On Time Delivery
  • OTN On the Night
  • OUT Own Use Trials
  • NATS National Air Traffic Services
  • PATS Publicly Available Telephone Service
  • PBT Provider Backbone Transport
  • PBX Private Branch Exchange
  • PC Personal/Portable Computer
  • PCP Primary Cross-connection point
  • PDA Personal Digital Assistant
  • PDH Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy
  • PE Provider Edge
  • PEW Planned Engineering Works
  • PF1 Pathfinder 1
  • PFVP Pathfinder Volume POTS
  • POC Point of Connection
  • PoH Point of Handover
  • PoP Point of Presence
  • PoR Plan of Record
  • POSI Point of Service Interconnect
  • POTS Plain Old Telephony Service
  • PPC Partial Private Circuit
  • PPM Pence Per Minute
  • PPP Point-to-Point Protocol
  • PPPoA Point-to-Point Protocol over ATM
  • PPPoE Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet
  • PRS Premium Rate Service
  • PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network
  • PSU Power Supply Unit
  • PTA PPP Termination and Aggregation
  • PWE3 Pseudo Wire Emulation Edge To Edge Router
  • QG Quality Gate
  • QoS Quality of Service
  • RAFT Resilience and Functional Testing
  • RAG Red, Amber, Green
  • RCA Root Cause Analysis
  • RCC Remote Concentrator Centre
  • RCU Remote Concentrator Unit
  • RDB Routing Data Base
  • RFC Request for Comment
  • RFS Ready for Service
  • RFT Right First Time
  • RHD Repair Handling Duty
  • RIDE Recorded Information Distribution Equipment
  • RR Repeat Reports
  • SAAS Software as a Service
  • SAD Same and Adjacent DLE
  • SAN System Alteration Notice
  • SBC Session Border Controller
  • SDH Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
  • SDK Software Development Kit
  • SDP Service Delivery Platform
  • SDSL Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line
  • SDXC Synchronous Digital Cross Connect
  • SFBB Super fast Broadband
  • SFI Special Faults Investigation
  • SIA Standard Interconnect Agreement
  • SIGTRAN Signalling Transport [protocol]
  • SIN Supplier Information Note
  • SIP Session Initiation Protocol
  • SIP-I SIP with encapsulated ISUP
  • SLA Service Level Agreement
  • SMDS Switched Multi megabit Data Service
  • SME Small Medium Enterprise
  • SMP Significant Market Power
  • SMPF Shared Metallic Path Facility
  • SNAP Sub-network Access Protocol
  • SNCP Sub-Network Connection Protection
  • SoR Statement of Requirements
  • SP Service Provider
  • SpoF Single Point of Failure
  • SPR Signalling Point Relay
  • SRU Subscriber Remote Unit
  • SS7 Signalling System No. 7
  • STC Safe to Connect
  • STM-n Synchronous Transport Module (level) n
  • STL Subscriber Transaction Log
  • STP Signalling Transfer Point
  • S-VLAN Service (outer) Virtual Local Area Network
  • T&D Test and Diagnostics
  • T2R Trouble to Resolve
  • TCP Transmission Control Protocol
  • TCD Target Completion Date
  • TDM Time Division Multiplexing
  • TE Traffic Engineering
  • TEWT Transfer Engineering Workflow Tool
  • TISPAN Telecommunications and Internet Services and Protocols for Advanced Networks
  • TMF Tele-Management Forum
  • TSR Telecom Strategic Review
  • T-Node Termination Node
  • UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
  • URU ‚ÄúYou are you‚ÄĚ
  • UXD5 A small digital exchange
  • VAGW Virtual Access Gateway
  • VC Virtual Circuit
  • VC-n Virtual Container (level) n
  • VDMT Voice Data Migration Toolkit
  • VIC Virtual Interconnect Circuit
  • VLAN Virtual Local Area Network
  • VLC Voice Line Control
  • VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol
  • VoNGA Voice over Next Generation Access
  • VP Virtual Path
  • vPE Voice Provider Edge Router
  • VPN Virtual Private Network
  • VSE Volume Scenario Estimate
  • VTGW Virtual Trunk Gateway
  • WAT Wide Area Tandem
  • WBC Wholesale Broadband Connect
  • WBCC Wholesale Broadband Connect Converged
  • WBMC Wholesale Broadband Managed Connect
  • WDM Wavelength Division Multiplexing
  • WES Wholesale Extension Service
  • WES-B Wholesale Extension Service Backhaul
  • WEES Wholesale End to End Extension Service
  • WiFi Wireless Fidelity
  • WITS Water Industry Telemetry Standards
  • WLR Wholesale Line Rental
  • WLR3 Wholesale Line Rental 3
  • xMPF Voice only passive access product from Openreach based on the Metallic Path Facility




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