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  1. DAHDI Config Overview The DAHDI module is designed to let you manage and configure your PSTN cards. The module currently supports Allo, Digium, OpenVox, Rhino and Sangoma Cards. DAHDI is the software drivers that connect your PBX to your PSTN using Analogue, T1/... Read More
  2. Approved Equipment List v.36 Introduction This document provides a list of the Authorised Equipment, that BT Wholesale (BTW) support for use on IP Voice Services (IPVS). This list includes the following device types: IP Phones IP Phone Side Cars Analogue Terminal Adaptors ... Read More
  3. Cables and Wiring   Cables Cabling RJ45 RJ21 MSAN We use 568B for almost everything ethernet Standard networking connectors for Ethernet connections. Rumor has it that only the “A” standard is accepted for government work and the “B” standard is being depr... Read More
  4. Guide for customers migrating from IPVS to IC-talk3       Important information for customers migrating from the IPVS service to the new updated IC-talk 3 service.     Contents Overview.. 1 Leading up to the migration. 1 Firewall settings / security guide. 2 Company administrators. 2 All users. ... Read More
  5. Receptionist user guide contents 1 - Overview 1.1. - Technology Availability 2 - Application Description - Receptionist 2.1.1. - Enterprise Edition 2.1.2. - SMB Edition 2.1.3. - Application Comparison 2.2. - Hardware & Software Description 2.2.1. - Operating Systems... Read More
  6. Business portal user features guide Overview This document describes the basic functionality of each User Feature and provides an explanation of how the Feature is used and configured by administrators or Users. Contextual Help This functionality is deployed on the Business Portal and ... Read More
  7. Voicemail     Description Provides a user with a personal voicemail service which allows them to listen to their voicemails from any phone, any internet browser or any email client. Function Provides the user with the ability to have unanswered calls managed... Read More
  8. Accessing call recordings Introduction This guide will navigate you through how you can access your call recordings via the business portal. Note this is an add-on product and is not a default feature with the system, if this is something you wish to purchase please contact o... Read More
  9. Business portal site features guide Introduction The following document type provides a comprehensive user guide on how to use BTW WHC features.  Where appropriate the guide will be backed up by screenshots to support the recipient of this guide. It provides a number of features with... Read More
  10. Call Park Call Park Description The Call Park feature allows a User to suspend, or ‘park’, a call for an extended period of time. During this time, the User can freely make and receive other calls and invoke other features without limitation. When... Read More
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